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A podcast of NKU Magazine, Ask NKU invites the finest academic minds at Northern Kentucky University to share their insights and knowledge with you, for free. On almost any topic you can imagine, our professors and guests share a wealth of insights and information with you through fun, candid, and engaging interviews.

Apr 2, 2017

Welcome to the final episode of our special Ask NKU series, where we’re breaking with tradition to help you: the undecideds — the student who has been admitted to NKU but hasn’t yet confirmed, or the high school upperclassman who is completely freaking out about making that big college decision. Maybe you even watched the Norse men's basketball team play in their first NCAA D-I Tournament and want to know more about this amazing university.
So just for you we’re presenting three dynamic NKU students, as well as the Admissions Director and the Communications Coordinator, to tackle these topics head on.
This, the third and final episode in this three-part series, is dedicated life outside the classroom. That includes Greek life, cool things to do and places to go around the region, as well as advice and tips for how to get to those places. And for parents, it includes a message about how NKU is going to help your child not only graduate successfully, but also build a network of support and become a leader. Go Norse!