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A podcast of NKU Magazine, Ask NKU invites the finest academic minds at Northern Kentucky University to share their insights and knowledge with you, for free. On almost any topic you can imagine, our professors and guests share a wealth of insights and information with you through fun, candid, and engaging interviews.

Apr 25, 2020

Isaiah started customizing shoes in 2017 as a hobby which turned into a way to earn extra money. He was accepted into The INKUBATOR program in Spring 2019. In The INKUBATOR, Isaiah launched Smoove Creations LLC, recruited a team, attended SneakerCon, and generated over $10,000 in revenue since May. After graduating...

Apr 15, 2020

Sit down with Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to learn more about the greatest entrepreneurs to come from NKU. Episode kicks off with Dr. David Schneider.

 Spanning a 30-year career, he discusses a wide variety of business experience, from launching startups to guiding established public and private companies...