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A podcast of NKU Magazine, Ask NKU invites the finest academic minds at Northern Kentucky University to share their insights and knowledge with you, for free. On almost any topic you can imagine, our professors and guests share a wealth of insights and information with you through fun, candid, and engaging interviews.

May 31, 2020

Norm Desmarais serves as Chairman of TiER1 Performance Solutions and CEO of Entrep. Since 1989, Norm has founded several high tech companies serving industries including Fortune 500, Government, Department of Defense, and Healthcare.  Prior to starting companies, Norm worked in the aerospace industry for...

May 22, 2020

Crystal has more than 25 years of global and domestic marketing experience. She is the founder and CEO of the award-winning The Voice of Your Customer. The certified minority-owned marketing firm assists clients with penetrating hard to reach, niche and underserved markets using survey research, focus groups,...

May 12, 2020

Dave Knox is a leading consultant, speaker, and coach who closes the gap between Fortune 500 and entrepreneurship through innovation, marketing, and digital transformation. Dave blends classical brand marketing acumen with entrepreneurial instinct to navigate a changing corporate landscape.